“Confidently Beautiful,” Confidently Successful

“Confidently Beautiful,” Confidently Successful

“Confidently Beautiful,” Confidently Successful

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The now iconic Miss Universe phrase, “confidently beautiful with a heart,” may be said of Filipino-Persian orthodontist Dr. Shideh L. Nikbin. Add to that “confidently successful.” The Doctor of Dental Medicine in both Philippines and Iran, Dr. Nikbin specialized in Aesthetic Medicine, and is the CEO of Fashion Smile Dental Health and Wellness, a premium one stop dental, spa, aesthetics and skin care center, the first of its kind in Manila. She is also a board member and one of the founders of Aramesh Spa and Wellness and Pizza World.

Dr. Shideh is the daughter of Dr. Fazel Nikbin, a dental surgeon, and Dr. Wilma Lagpacan, an obstetrician and gynecologist. She came to the Philippines when she was 17, to study at the Centro Escolar University.

“I was a first year dental student, I needed to learn how to commute, where to buy things, and learn my mother’s language to be able to communicate better with others. Also the weather and the typhoons were so new to me. Iran is a four-season country so different weather brings different fashion in iran , and in Philippines it is more of summer weather with summer fashion. The food are different and both are masarap. Both countries have warm-hearted people,” shares Dr. Shideh, a member of the Philippine Dental Association and the Medical Council of Iran.

Being away from family was the biggest challenge for her, but because Filipinos are very kind, Dr. Shideh said she adjusted easily. She says living in the Philippines made her stronger and she has learned a lot about herself.

She pursued and earned her second dental license of Doctor of Dental Surgery from the Shahid Beheshti University in Iran. She took over a private practice at her parents’ hospital, the DRS Nikbin Hospital. As she experienced the satisfaction and joy of transforming a patient’s life by restoring oral health, Dr. Shideh continued studying, completing a three-year residency and gaining extensive clinical experience in orthodontics at the University of Philippines where she earned her degree to practice as an orthodontic specialist for children and adults.

Dr. Shideh is proud to say she has acquired good traits from both Filipino and Iranian culture.

“From the Filipino side, I got the happy and joyful energy, being jolly and friendly, and family-oriented. For me, family comes first. From the Persian side, I can say my sense of humor, I always bring laughter into people’s lives and also I am very hospitable,” says Dr. Shideh.

She got her punctuality from her Persian side. She says it is very important as it is a sign of respect. She is also very passionate about being an entrepreneur – she has the strength to organize, create and manage businesses along with any of risks until she succeeds. From her Filipino blood, Dr. Shideh is truly hardworking. When she started the business eight years ago, she worked from early morning until late at night, multi-tasking. She also attributes her positivity to her Pinoy side.

“In my business there were challenges, but my positive attitude helped me overcome them,” she adds.

What makes Dr. Shideh well-liked by her patients is the love and concern she shows to them.

“I see my patients as family, with each patient I am working on, I always ask myself: if she/he is my brother or mother, how will I treat them? And other than that, my passion and love for my work. I don’t only see teeth on my patient’s face. I see a smile, laughter, their overall health and how I can be a small part of that smile that they can bring to themselves and others, and how that healthy smile can change their lives,” says Dr. Nikbin.

Her brainchild, Fashion Smile, reflects her heart. Because a beautiful and healthy smile can boost self-confidence and bring more opportunities for others to succeed, Fashion Smile is serious about not only restoring beautiful smiles but taking into consideration the overall aesthetic of the face. Its vision is to bring and promote dental health awareness.

On her birthday, her only wish is “to stay passionate and in love with life, because I strongly believe if a person is passionate about life, he/she will value other people’s lives and the world will stay a happy and healthy place for everyone.”