Fil-Persian dentist brings Hollywood smile to Filipinos

Fil-Persian dentist brings Hollywood smile to Filipinos

Fil-Persian dentist brings Hollywood smile to Filipinos

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Half-Persian, half-Filipino dental doctor Farah Shamsi wants to give every Filipino a beautiful smile like that of Hollywood stars.

“Hollywood smile is that made-to-perfection white smile that most actors and actresses wear. It helps boost confidence. Our patients smile more often, thus they become happier,” says Dr. Farah of Fashion Smile Dental Health and Wellness, a premium one stop dental, aesthetics, facial and skin care center with Persian spa wellness.

Dr. Farah explains that the procedure basically use veneers. She usually recommends zirconia as it is the best in the market right now.

“Hollywood smile can be done directly by the dentist or indirectly by being sent to the laboratory for fabrication. So it really depends on which procedure patients choose. The direct procedure is done in one session and the indirect usually require 3 to 4 sessions,” adds Dr. Farah, who continuously advances her knowledge of dentistry especially in the field of cosmetic dentistry and endodontics.

Dr. Farah explains that Cosmetic Dentistry focuses on the appearance of the teeth.

“It’s an aesthetic rehabilitation to give a beautiful smile to patients. We recommend this to patients who are looking to improve their teeth and smile, like patients who have yellowish teeth, a missing tooth or ones who are simple not happy with the shape of their teeth,” shares the lovely doctor, adding that the procedure requires patience.

Dr. Farah came to the Philippines in 2010 to study dentistry. Because her siblings are here and she found work that she loves here, she decided to stay.

“I am happy that Filipinos are being more aware of the importance of oral health and therefore visit their dentist more often,” says Dr. Farah, who is busy preparing Fashion Smile and Aramesh Wellness for expansion and branching out. She wants to put up her own branch of Fashion Smile and Aramesh in Alabang.