Misagh Bahadoran: No Pogi Problems

Misagh Bahadoran: No Pogi Problems

Misagh Bahadoran: No Pogi Problems

Misagh Bahadoran: No Pogi Problems

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Philippine Azkals’ forward and Global FC team captain Misagh Bahadoran is that handsome player number 9, as people regard him. To be called pogi brings the 5’9” Fil-Iranian happiness.

“I feel happy because people call me pogi sometimes,” says Misagh with a laugh.

The 30-year-old Misagh was born in Mabalacat, Pampanga, his mother’s hometown, but immediately moved to Tehran, Iran, his father’s home country and lived there until he was 17. He came back to the Philippines in 2004 to finish high school in Pampanga, then studied dentistry in Centro Escolar University Manila, finishing in 2010.

For Misagh, a handsome or pogi  person is someone who takes care of himself, possesses a good personality, and keeps a good image of himself. And undoubtedly, he is all these and a lot more.

“What makes me pogi I think is playing football, living healthy, smiling when I talk to people, and being nice to everyone,” adds Misagh.

The Kapampangan football star definitely takes good care of himself. He makes sure to sleep early, eat nutritious food, and always removes toxin from his body with daily work out. He also uses good products for his skin, like GlutaMAX Men Facial Wash, part of the complete line of premium and advanced skin lightening products from Healthwell Nutraceuticals (an affiliate of YSA Skin Care Corporation).

“I love the facial because it really makes me look fresh especially after a hard training. I recommend GlutaMAX  products because they are really good, made especially for men, and I am very satisfied with them,” says Misagh.

GlutaMAX Men Face and Body Soap Bar, Deodorant Spray and  Facial are formulated and tested by experts to safely provide maximum results. They contain high amounts of Glutathione that makes them more effective compared to other whitening products. 

“All GlutaMAX  products address skin darkening problems that were acquired in either a natural way or otherwise. GlutaMAX gently lightens uneven skin tone and discoloration. It nourishes the skin to improve overall texture and restore youthful vibrancy,” says YSA President Robert Nazal. 

A good personality and a good image also make Misagh pogi. He has a business and a dental clinic to take care of, but makes sure he always has time for family, friends, and his girlfriend, Filipina model Sam Pinto who he describes as understanding and supportive.

Misagh attributes to sports his values of having discipline, being hardworking, fair, supportive, and his clean and healthy living.

Misagh says he likes living in the Philippines.

“I love a lot of things in the Philippines, but what I like most is having more opportunities to relax. There’s not much stress here and the people are very nice and kind,” says Misagh, adding that the less stressful environment adds to his being pogi.

For that, Misagh does not see himself leaving football and the Philippines anytime soon.

“I will stay here hopefully for years to come,” ends Misagh.