Kawhi Leonard saga sequel could be just 2 years away

Kawhi Leonard saga sequel could be just 2 years away

Kawhi Leonard saga sequel could be just 2 years away

Kawhi Leonard saga sequel could be just 2 years away

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Well, this is fascinating. Everyone assumed that when the Clippers landed Kawhi Leonard and Paul George last week, that meant that Leonard would sign a 4-year deal. It turns out he’s signing a 3-year deal with a player option, meaning he’s really signing a 2-year deal. He can opt out in 2021, the same year that PG-13 can become a free agent. (And so can several other big name players, including Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James.)

It turns out the Clippers traded all of those picks and players for two guaranteed years with this incredible duo instead of a likely three, which is a little more frightful. We have very recent evidence that even winning a championship doesn’t keep Kawhi around necessarily. If Kawhi decides after two years he doesn’t need to live in L.A. during the season and he’s not loving Doc Rivers or anything about the Clippers, things could fall apart quite quickly for L.A.

You still do the deal if you know Kawhi is doing a 2+1 contract instead of a 3+1. But you do it with a little more trepidation. The downside risk is greater. That matters, but only to an extent if you’re chasing championships and stars want to join forces on your team.

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