• Wladimir obsessed with becoming champion says Banks

    Wladimir Klitschko badly wants to beat IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua next month to become a three-time world champion. According to Wladimir’s trainer Jonathon Banks, he’s obsessed with beating Joshua to become a world champion again. Banks sees the 41-year-old Klitschko as this era’s version of George Foreman.

    For the boxing fans that don’t remember, Foreman retired from the sport for 10 years and then came back at age 39 and toiled away until winning a world title at age 45. Wladimir isn’t quite as old or as overweight as Foreman was, but his accomplishment will be somewhat similar.

  • World Champion Terence Crawford Takes a Shot & Succeeds

    To borrow from a sports cliché, life is a game of inches.         

    In the case of TERENCE CRAWFORD, who currently stands on the horizon of boxing fame, his existence is a result of winning a game of millimeters.  Think of it as survival by the margin of the tip of your fingernail.