The Philippine Wood Producers Association (PWPA) is urging all stakeholders in the country anew to plant more trees during monsoon season so they can take advantage of the frequent rains, which are good for the growth of the seedlings.

“The rainy season creates an excellent environment for the seedlings to take root,” said PWPA chairman Charlie Liu. “Seedlings which are planted during the rainy season can get the most benefit as they generally fare better when they are exposed to moderate temperature and a healthy amount of rainfall.” 

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“My dad is very disciplined. He showed it to us everyday and he also disciplined us his children, the German way,” says Croatian model, actress, dancer, and singer Marija Debelic of her father.

While strict and conservative, Marija says her dad is also kind, fun and understanding. He is a man of his word and he will do anything to give the best for Marija and her siblings Ana, 24, and Ante Toni, 18. His work ethics are remarkable and he always had good intentions.

“He raised me to be a very strong person and not to give up. He raised me in a strict way, I have to say. What’s most important for him is hard work, discipline, discipline, and discipline. And to be fair to people,” adds Marija, who graduated cum laude in Economics and Business Management.

Growing up, Marija admits she was not that close to her dad. But when she got to her twenties, they became good friends.

“When I was younger, we weren’t that close. When I was 22, I experienced the hardest time in my life and he was really there. Now, I can say that Dad is my great friend. We can talk about anything at this point. Everyday, our relationship is getting stronger and stronger,” shares the 26-year-old who starred in the TV drama “Be My Lady” and in the films “Art of Ligaw” and “Beauty and the Bestie.”

Marija’s dad also taught her extreme sports like windsurfing, playing football, snowboarding, cliffdiving and many more.

“I love going sailing with my dad. We both love summer and sea and sailing. When I can, I will buy him a sailing boat and a nice oldtimer car or muscle car,” says Marija, who just recorded her newest, Tagalog song “Dame” and is working on an all-Tagalog album.

This Father’s Day, her only wish for her dad is to “relax more and enjoy more travel.”

She is a known TV host, singer and actress. An international endorser, painter, pianist, performer, and designer. She has traveled the world and soared far and high. But back home, she is still Daddy’s baby girl.

Brazilian personality Daiana Menezes is the eldest among 3 children, so she says she went through all the hardships and learned from and with her father.

“My dad is amazing. He’s my hero and he’s a great leader,” says Daiana of her dad. A disciplinarian, D’s dad used the dreaded “sinturon” especially when D or her siblings had tantrums or bad behavior.

Through the years, Daiana says she has learned to appreciate her father more as she matured.

“I became more confident about his love. He showed me that it doesn’t matter what I go through, he w

ill always be there for me,” adds Daiana, a graduate of the New York Film Academy.

D and dad love going to the beach together. The “Brazilipina” who has made the Philippines her home for the past 12 years wants to bring her dad here to enjoy the country’s beautiful beaches.

This Father’s Day, Daiana wishes her dad will live to be as old and as healthy as he can. Someday, one Father’s Day, Daiana also prays her dad will be a grandfather.

“If I could give him any gift, I will not give him material things because these aren’t important as values for our family. We value respect, quality time and love. So I would give him grandchildren. I want him to get to meet his grandkids one day,” ends Daiana.

THE liver is the primary organ that cleanses the body of toxins. The toxins transform into waste and later removed from the body through urine and feces.

Unhealthy eating including binge drinking weakens the liver over time, and it become sluggish because of too much toxins, unable to get rid all the food toxins you’ve take. When this happens, the toxins that were not flushed out will be stored in fat cells, mostly in the belly area.

With the liver function diminished, the body now becomes prone to health issues and become sickly.

When your liver doesn’t work properly on removing toxins from the body, the calories fat (from alcohol and food) will circulate from the gut through the bile and back to the organs. You’ll notice you gained weight suddenly.

Here are some symptoms that your liver isn’t functioning well:

* Allergies. Due to the created antibodies in a healthy liver, it attacks allergens. In a case of decreasing of the liver functioning, the body stores those allergens and the excessive buildup of them lead to allergy symptoms like fogginess, itchiness, and headaches.

* Excessive sweating. When the liver is forced to work hard and gets overworked, its functioning is drastically reduced and then liver becomes hot. As it has the ability to transfers the heat to the rest of the body, in trying to cool itself, it indicates excessive sweating.

* Chronic fatigue. As the toxins prevent the metabolism of muscle tissues, it can result in physical fatigue and ache. For a longer period of time, the tiredness can turn into irritability, depression, and angry eruptions.

* Presence of acne. The hormonal imbalance is another symptom that toxins in the liver can cause. Because of that are caused many skin issues like acne, as there is no external cleansing that will treat it and it can last until the liver’s functioning is improved.

The easiest way of releasing fat from the liver is with practicing a proper diet.

Eating bananas, sweet potatoes, and ginger root, are the foods proven in easing and reducing the effects of a fatty liver disease.

If you love smoothies, you can make your own using bananas, ginger and dandelion root.

* Blend chopped banana with one cup of yogurt, two tablespoons peanut butter, crushed ginger root, and one teaspoon of dandelion root. Consume this immediately. Do not add sugar.

Take this for two weeks and refrain from eating meat, sugary drinks and food.


With a drive to genuinely contribute to a more inclusive and diverse society, a group of passionate young designers tapped their creativity and skills to launch a collection of fashion apparel made for children with special needs.

Graduating students from the Fashion Design and Merchandising Program of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, namely, Angela Bautista, Diane Bobier, Allana Nicolas, and Darlenne Rivera, combined function and fashion to create the Spectrum Kidz.  

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Croatian model, actress, dancer, and singer Marija Debelic enjoyed recording her newest, all-Tagalog song “Dame.”

“I’m not a Filipina and I was not born in the Philippines but I have lived here for five years now and I’m in love with the Philippines! This is my first all-Tagalog song and I’m very proud of it,” says Marija who chose the Philippines to be her second home, over the many places she’s been to like Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, USA, United Arab Emirates, Macau, China, and Thailand.

Marija admits it was not an easy project.

“It was hard to sing all Tagalog lyrics because it’s not my native language. I wanted to make sure I do all the accents and pronunciations right and at the same time hit the notes. It was very challenging but all worth it. I’m verry happy about it,” adds the music lover who released her fist single “Syanel” with Brazilian actress-model Daiana Menezes. She will do an all-Tagalog album soon.

“The song talks about having many options with suitors but like in anything in life, you don’t just want to settle with any kind of material. You want the best which includes quality and integrity and finding what’s right for you,” shares Marija

Marija is thrilled to work with an amazing and supportive team from song writers to masters of sound to recording specialists. Music producer, arranger, rap artist, and song writer Archie Malate, better known in the industry as Franchize, leads Marija’s song writing team, together with lawyer by profession and rap artist by passion Kim David Obejas and Norwegian/Waray Daniel Gerardo Ytterdahl or Denial.

“I really love my team’s work and how they put the vision in my head on paper and made it into incredible lyrics and song with melody,” says Marija. The song was recorded at 12 Stone Studio with the support of studio owner Tommy Tanchangco and line producer Francis Guevarra.

Marija will also shoot the song’s music video but she does not want to spoil it.

“The music video is a secret as of the moment. We are about to shoot it and I’m very excited and I want it to be a surprise for everyone. It will be something different, that’s what I can promise,” says Marija.

Marija invites everyone to enjoy her new single which she says is not limited to age, gender or class.

“It’s for everyone who appreciate good music and wants get down to the good beats,” ends Marija.

Catch Marija via Facebook: Marija Debelic, or be one of her thousands of followers on Instagram:@marijadebelic. She’s also on Spotify: Marija Debelic.

Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo shares her two cents on being an independent woman: you should know how to pursue what you want in life.

“Para po sa ‘kin, being an independent person means kaya mong gawin ‘yung mga bagay na gusto mong gawin. As an independent woman, gustung-gusto ko pong mag-explore ng mga bagay na di ko pa nagagawa, and also learn more about myself in the process (For me, being an independent person means you can do the things you want to do. As an independent woman, I like to explore things I haven’t done yet and also learn about myself in the process),” says the 30-year-old singer-actor.

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