Beautiful zombie

Beautiful zombie

Aspiring actress Jasmine Pichon was cast as a zombie in the movie “Anino,” Star Magic workshops first-ever digital film in 2011, starring Jake Cuenca, Yeng Constantino, Dimples Romana, Roden Araneta, Joem Bascon and Jodi Sta. Maria. She was 13 then and until now, “Anino” remains her favorite project. After “Anino,” Jasmine dreamt of turning that bit role into a dream of playing a lead role someday, a dream that she is working on now.

Jasmine started modeling at the age of 5 for major brands such as Fujifilm and Mossimo, and for local designers Paulo Blanco and Robert Gallardo. She was on the ramp at the Trinity Charity Fashion Show, Likha 2013, and Spotlight Academy Fashion Show 2015. She also starred in a school play titled “New Yorker in Tondo.”

“I want to be an artist because I love acting and modelling. I am inspired by my family and my dog Oreo. I want to help my parents by not depending on them financially. I also want to prove to myself and to those people who believed in me, that I am worth something after all the efforts we spent. I believe that God gave me abilities and talents to share it to everyone and make people happy,” says Jasmine.

Early on, Jasmine faced challenges such as lack of self- esteem and confidence. She was bullied in grade and high school for being quiet and unsociable. But she overcame this by joining drama clubs and workshops. She started doing VTRs in her third year in high school. She was the first honor at the end of the school year and also got the lead role in a school play.

Besides acting, Jasmine also likes painting and singing; she can rap and play the beatbox, too. She is a swimmer and scuba diver as well, so she wants to play the role of a mermaid someday.

“I’d also like to try the role of an antagonist or an extra in the set. But getting any role in a movie or teleserye is a dream come true already,” says Jasmine.

The beautiful zombie, soon to be mermaid or “kontrabida,” maintains her fair skin with the help of GlutaMAX Underarm and Inner Thigh Whitening Cream. She trusts GlutaMAX, a product of YSA Skin and Body Experts SM SAN LAZARO branch especially formulated by YSA Skin Care expert dermatologist Dr. Isabel Lopez-Nazal.

“Be different, and don’t stop chasing your dreams. As a rising artist, you will encounter many challenges and tests along the way, but just hang on. Always keep your faith in God and give your best in everything you do. Every diamond has to undergo a lot of polishing to sparkle,” ends Jasmine. 

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