Couple celebrates 50th birthday

Couple celebrates 50th birthday

VANCOUVER, CANADA - EJ Joel Santos  and wife Mater celebrated their golden birthday at R’s Bar in Surrey. It was a choice between a birthday party at R’s with friends or a simple celebration at home so EJ can join his Samahan Litratista group, a Vancouver Filipino photographers group, on an Iceland photography tour. 

In the end, the couple thought that reaching 50 years old is something worth celebrating with family and friends. So they decided that Iceland will have to wait for another year, and to have a party instead titled “The Big Five-O: Me and My Wife’s 50th Birthday Party.”

The night was filled with dancing to the 80’s music of guest performer Jim’s Underground the band was composed of Raymond Maghirang, Sonnie Mastrili, Ogie Sante, Don Narido, Jorge Marco, Joey Jickain, and Ted Dichupa. The party emcee was Amily, wife of Vdj Neil, and Diones Lago the official photographers, Flipvision Productions the official videographer all are members of Samahan Litratista. Later in the evening, Joan Frias, Randy Ordinario, and Frannz Morzo, also members of the Samahan Litratista sung and  dedicated a song to the birthday celebrants. Guests enjoyed the food, company, and the photo booth.

PHOTO CREDIT: Christian Cunanan & ICaptured Productions

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