Love of a Lifetime

Love of a Lifetime

Love of a Lifetime

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By Robbie Pangilinan

She is the founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Creative Entrepreneur behind Fashion Smile Dental Health Spa, Aramesh Wellness, and Aramesh Aesthetic. She is an endorser and a vlogger with 1.6 million audience and followers on social media. She is an advocate of equality. And she has found the love of a lifetime.

Dr. Shahideh Nikbin, a half-Filipino, half-Persian successful orthodontist, met the love of her life, Dr. Farzaneh Shamsi, during enrollment in university. From the get-go, Dr. Shideh had butterflies in her stomach every time she saw Dr. Far. Throughout the 14 years they have been together, Dr. Shideh has always known that she wanted to grow old with Dr. Far and build a life together.

But their love story was not all peaches and cream. They experienced judgment from others, even lost friends and family members along the way. They were not fully accepted by society then.

“We also both came from toxic relationships. However, these experiences helped us discover what we truly desire in our own lives and in a relationship. This self-awareness played a significant role in starting our relationship filled with love and clarity. Communication is a key aspect of our relationship, as we openly talk, trust, understand, and deeply respect each other. This strong bond is our greatest asset,” shares Dr. Shideh, whose open love story can be seen on her YouTube channel.

Though she calls Dr. Far her soulmate, Dr. Shideh reveals that she only realized this during a recent spiritual retreat. They have such contrasting personalities -- Dr. Far is logical and introverted, while Dr. Shideh is creative and extroverted -- that it is quite a challenge to be in a romantic relationship and a business partnership. But they have found the answer to make it work.

“Over the years, through communication and therapy, we’ve learned to transform our weaknesses and differences into strengths in both our personal and professional lives. We consider ourselves family, and as long as there is love and respect between us, we make our relationship thrive,” says Dr. Shideh.

Dr. Shideh describes Dr. Far lovingly: “As a life partner, she is incredibly loving and affectionate, qualities that I deeply admire. She devotes herself wholeheartedly to our family, which includes me and our three fur babies. As a business partner, she is highly focused, committed, and hardworking. She excels at teamwork and collaboration.”

Dr. Shideh knows that their love story is an inspiration to many others who are in a similar situation. She is proud to let others learn more about them, despite the challenges and judgments they faced.

“I want to encourage everyone to never give up on themselves. Take the time to discover who you are, accept and love yourself, and explore your true passions. When you become more confident in yourself and your aspirations, you’ll attract someone who shares the same energy and vibe into your life. Together, you can both enhance yourselves and work towards building a better version of yourselves and your dreams as a couple,” is Dr. Shideh’s advice.

For Dr. Far, she feels an immense love that she knows is once in a lifetime.

“We started in our early twenties, building ourselves and making our dreams come true together. Despite the hurt and pain we’ve faced, we remain strong, holding hands and supporting each other even in the darkest times,” she says.

Dr. Shideh eagerly looks forward to embarking on a journey with Dr. Far repeatedly, exploring new experiences, places, and beginnings. She wants them to grow old gracefully, white hair and all, and stay together for many more years to come. For a lifetime. #