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A SOURCE tells me that the atmosphere within the DoH is “tense.” This, while the world is preparing for the inevitable spread of COVID-19 as cases of so-called “community spread” emerge in Europe, the Americas and even the Middle East, the most noteworthy of which are those involving people who have no known history of travel to heavily-infected areas nor close contact with anyone who may have come from there.

WEDNESDAY was my birthday and ever since 2016 I’ve not been too keen on the usual birthday celebrations. So I said to myself since my dad went to Heaven (the proverbial “much better place”) on this day in 2016, maybe I should also go myself to paradise? And that’s why I found myself on board a full PAL flight to Caticlan and on the island some call “paradise” by noon of the same day.

Good morning Coach Bo/Ricky/Poch/Rodney: 
I can imagine how you’re feeling this morning. I know you have plans for the team, from recruitment to development to training, and I know they’re all up in the air today, the future uncertain. And I know you’ve felt, if not heard or read, the anger being expressed by many a UP fan - student, faculty, alumni - who see no reason why we should go down to defeat and not take home the crown.