Ready to be Mommy

Ready to be Mommy

Ready to be Mommy

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Ready to be Mommy
By  Robbie Pangilinan

When she had her first child four years ago, she was more than ready
to be a mommy. She was of age, has been married for almost a year, and
was in the career she has dreamed of.Her heart was also set on
becoming a mother.

Ryan Cedric Andreas came into the life of the three-term councilor of
the second district of Valenzuela City KateGalang-Coseteng, and with
him came a newfound joy for the neophyte mom. Kate is married toJulian
Coseteng, councilor of the third district of Quezon City, and Ryan
completed their little family.

Kate says that husband Julian was fascinated with the three names they
gave Ryan. Ryan means “king,” Cedric means “kindly and loved,” and
Andreas means “manly” or “warrior.”
As ready as she thought she was, Kate still had “panic” moments as a
mother. One time, Ryan had a really bad case of diarrhea and the
always-elegant and cool Kate did not know what to do.

“I panicked and rushed to the E.R. We prayed hard and of course it
really helped that we were blessed with a good pediatrician,” Kate
shares.She admits that the hardest part of being a mom is taking care
of a sick child.

Joshua Caleb Matthew came three years after. He was named after the
Bible character who led God’s people into the Promised Land. Joshua
means “God is salvation.” Caleb was Joshua’s loyal friend and
encourager who, because of his faith, was one of the few who believed
that they can claim the land the Lord promised. Caleb means “fearless,
bold and loyal.” Matthew means “God’s gift” and happened to be the
first book of the Bible that Kate and Julian read together from
beginning to end.

Four-year-old Ryan is very inquisitive, askinglots of questions and
playing with all sorts of toys. He loves tagging along with his
parents wherever they go. Physically, Ryan got Kate’s eyes, height and
love for numbers.

Caleb, only 10 months old, is very cheerful and gets very excited
around people (the makings of a politician, just like his mom and
dad?). It looks like he also got Kate’s height. Healso got the hair of
Kate’s dad. Both boys got their parents’ love for eating!

Mommy Kate is a loving mom, the kind of mother who prioritizes the
welfare of her children above her own and the kind who puts a high
premium on her children’s relationship with God. Kate considers her
own mother as her mentor in parenting.

“From my mom, I’ve learned how to be patient and nice to my children.
When you meet my mom, you’ll immediately notice that she’s very nice.
Actually every time my children misbehave, or when I’m starting to get
irritated with some of the thing they do, I would remember my mom,”
Kate says.

Kate, who is always excited to go home to kiss and hug her two boys,
also tries to be a disciplinarian to Ryan, who already attends Nursery

“We ‘use the rod’ in situations when there is repeated disobedience
and defiance to existing rules that have been explained. Before we
spank, we explain why and of course we restore and pray after we
discipline,” Kate explains.

The Coseteng family enjoys spending time together – travelling, going
to the mall, attending church, watching movies and playing. Soon, they
would also want to have a little princess, a baby girl so that the
kuyas will have someone to take care of.

Kate would like to be a bit stricter in terms of handling the sleeping
pattern and habits of her children, particularly of Ryan who sleeps
quite late. It is a challenge to adjust his sleeping pattern to a more
healthy one. To do that, Kate needs to fix her own sleeping pattern
and adjust her schedule according to her children’s needs.
Right now, Kate is focusing on raising the boys with the proper
attitude and fear of God.For her, the most important thing is to teach
her children to know God and trust in Him and everything else will

“Asparents, we have learned that blessings of all kinds will come with
having a strong and personal relationship with the Lord,” Kate says.
Just like any mom, Kate hopes and prays that the little gentlemen,
while growing up, will not be involved with the wrong crowd.

“I also pray that they be successful in everything they do, keeping
the the Lord in their hearts and minds in whatever they do and
wherever they go,” says Mommy Kate.
This day of moms, Kate would love to have a “personal butler” because
“I just want to sleep and eat on Mother’s Day,” she laughs.
For the mothers out there, Kate wishes, “May the Lord guide you in all
the things you do and may you and your family be blessed with good
health and happiness.” #