Dr. Gaile turns 41 soon, and as she looks back, she is sure of one thing: that her medical career has been a journey of finding the perfect balance with new opportunities coming her way, sometimes unexpectedly.

by Robbie Pangilinan

Dr. Shideh L. Nikbin a.k.a " Dr. Glam " is proud of the person she has become. The half-Filipino, half-Persian orthodontist has come a long way from the 21-year-old graduate of Doctor of Dental Medicine who first experienced the joy of transforming her patient’s life in her private practice, to becoming an aesthetic medicine specialist, to establishing her own businesses and brand.

King Charles has fulfilled a promise made by his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, to give Angela Kelly a new home. Kelly was the Queen's personal assistant and dresser for over 20 years. She was reportedly asked to leave her home on the Windsor estate after the Queen's dea-th, but King Charles has now gifted her a new home in Yorkshire. 


The Green Run at Vermosa 2023 is set to take off on Sunday, June 25 – almost a year to the date of the first Green Run in July 2022. Last year’s Green Run invited everyone to lace up and enjoy the outdoors for physical and mental health after being cooped up at home due to the pandemic.