From samurai armour to a folding screen depicting Mount Fuji, dozens of Japanese artifacts from the British royal collection go on public display in a new exhibition at the Queen's Gallery near Buckingham Palace.

"Japan: Courts and Culture", which opens on Friday, features more than 150 items, including gifts from Japanese emperors to Queens Victoria and Elizabeth.

Patrick Demarchelier, the French-born photographer known for his high fashion images of top models and celebrities, including Princess Diana, has died. He was 78.

His Instagram account broke the news of his death Thursday but offered no further details. Attempts to reach his family have been unsuccessful.

Pope Francis on Friday made a historic apology to Indigenous peoples for the “deplorable” abuses they suffered in Canada’s Catholic-run residential schools and said he hoped to visit Canada in late July to deliver the apology in person to survivors of the church’s misguided missionary zeal.

Tia Rutherford is worried about her 3-year-old son.

As energy prices soared last fall, she tacked fleece blankets over her doors and windows to keep the cold out and started serving Jacob breakfast in his room so she didn’t have to heat the living room. But she’s consumed by worry that she can’t pay her utility bills and that her son isn’t warm enough.