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The advent of digital equipment has democratized film and music production, allowing people will limited budgets to realize their creative vision. This has led to the growth of independent cinema and independent record labels in the past years. 

For DJ Chloe of 96.3 Easy Rock, it was a matter of life and death.

Two years ago, her daughter Bianca, then 12 years old, felt really sick and had to be brought to the hospital. With her blood sugar level rising to 600, she was pronounced critical and immediately taken to the children’s intensive care unit. The doctor said that a slight delay in medical attention could have put her into a coma.

Ready to be Mommy
By  Robbie Pangilinan

When she had her first child four years ago, she was more than ready
to be a mommy. She was of age, has been married for almost a year, and
was in the career she has dreamed of.Her heart was also set on
becoming a mother.

by Robbie Pangilinan

LOS ANGELES - She was Bb. Pilipinas-Universe. She was Darna. She was a singer, endorser, actress. Now she is an international capital broker/dealer in the USA.  But the role that Anjanette Abayari likes best is being both mom and dad to her two boys.

By Robbie Pangilinan 

“Brazilipina” TV host, singer and actress Daiana Menezes found a sister and best friend in her mother. Only 20 years apart, D feels her mom is her “barkada,” enjoying their time together bonding over food, wine, working out, and travel.