Vince Cachero Sees A Major Opportunity Ahead Of Him At UFC Fight Night: Rozenstruik Vs Gane

Vince Cachero Sees A Major Opportunity Ahead Of Him At UFC Fight Night: Rozenstruik Vs Gane

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It’s the reason why he’s chosen to leave the sun and sand for the snow and mountains to train with the Factory X squad in Colorado.

“My last fight in August, I knew for maybe about a few weeks before that that I was going to move to Colorado because my wife got into an internship program for veterinary school up here,” said Cachero, who then got a short notice call to make his UFC debut against

“I would say that it's shadow work,” Cachero said. “Carl Jung, the great psychologist, talks about the shadow, the kind of repressed emotions and feelings inside of you, and for me, I've always been a competitor. On the outside,

I'm a guy who's never even been in a streetfight. I'm not a violent person, I'm pretty passive, and I love exploring weird, existential ideas and stuff, yet there's always something deep inside of me that's this desire to compete and this desire to almost fight and do violence since they’re the furthest things from my personality on the outside. So as soon as I start getting into the cage, it all starts to get expressed. I love fighting, I love being in there, I love throwing down. I walk forward and I'm looking to throw down and looking to be violent in there. I don't know what it is other than just a pure love of the fight game.”

If you didn’t already know from the description of him as an artist, referring to Carl Jung in an interview should cement your opinion of Cachero as the unicorn of the fight business.

“Listen, man, my nickname's 'The Anomaly' for that reason,” he laughs. “That's just how it is. I've always been a weird kid and I've always been a fly on the wall - I love observing, I love thinking, and yeah, I definitely think I'm a different personality in this game and it's been a fun rise, for sure, but I want to show the people out there that it's cool to be your own person and it's all right to be your own person.”