Dustin Poirier beat McGregor

Dustin Poirier beat McGregor


Dustin Poirier beat McGregor

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Poirier had other plans in mind, using destructive calf kicks to soften McGregor up before finishing him with a barrage of punches to score a TKO at the 2:32 mark of the second round. 

Seeing he had McGregor in a vulnerable state and weakened, Poirier stunned McGregor with a left hand. 

"We knew (McGregor's) counter-twos was some of the best in the game," Poirier said. "But I just don't give f—k. I'm here to win."

For McGregor (22-5), it is his second loss in his last three fights, and he is now 1-2 competing at 155 pounds. He gave Poirier all the credit for his performance. McGregor also conceded that he needs more cage time to compete against the best at 155 pounds. 


photo courtesy : bleacher report