Blacklist and EVOS Legends enter the upper bracket finals - MSC 2021

Blacklist and EVOS Legends enter the upper bracket finals - MSC 2021

Blacklist and EVOS Legends enter the upper bracket finals - MSC 2021

Blacklist and EVOS Legends enter the upper bracket finals - MSC 2021

With the lower bracket concluded for the day, it was time for MSC 2021 playoff action as four teams fought for a spot in the upper bracket final.

While we witnessed two teams progress in the lower bracket and two be eliminated from MSC 2021 earlier in the day, it was now time for the upper bracket – and some highly anticipated series. All eyes would be on the two Philippine’s teams: Blacklist International and Execration, the Malaysians of RSG MY and the Indonesian EVOS Legends as they battled it out for the two spots in the upper bracket finals – a guaranteed top 3 finish at MSC 2021.

Champions take on champions
Blacklist were at the top of their game ever since the beginning of the MPL – PH Season 7 domestic league, dominating nearly every challenger as they claimed the championship crown. Coming into MSC 2021, they seemed to be equally as unstoppable, racing into the upper bracket. RSG MY, having also come off their MPL – MY domestic league victory, were much the same, and would be looking to decode their opponents.

As we went into the game, right from the draft, Blacklist were gifted some of their most comfortable heroes: OhMyV33nus on Mathilda, Oheb on Harith and the famous Wise Aldous. There were absolutely no points in the game where RSG’s lineup had even the smallest of openings as Blacklist outplayed, outdrafted and outlasted their opponent to claim an emphatic game one win.

Learning from their mistakes quickly, RSG MY banned out the Mathilda and Aldous, although still giving up the Benedetta to Edward. While RSG MY played a far better game two, Blacklist’s brilliance begun to show as the game progressed, picking apart their opponents and quickly taking a 2-0 sweep. RSG MY are not out just yet though as they will look to continue their tournament from the lower bracket tomorrow as they take on Bigetron Alpha.

The Legends roar
For the day’s final series, we would see the champions of MPL – ID, EVOS Legends, looking to continue their domination too, but in their path was the second-place team from MPL – PH, Execration. While EVOS were one of the favourites to take the MSC 2021 championship, XctN were no easy target, as they had proven over and over again in recent times.

Everything seemed to be going perfectly in the favour of EVOS Legends as the teams lined up for game one of their series. XctN were constantly unable to stand and fight as their opponents collapsed and picked them off. However, all this changed as the Philippines powerhouse squad turned everything around, with Kelra managing to utilise his Lunox flawlessly to shutdown EVOS and steal the game away.

Although we witnessed the classic Ch4knu Khufra in game two, it was Antimage on Alice that made all the plays to bring the series back. From taking fights against the odds at 1 versus 3, to taking a triple kill to secure the win, Antimage was an unstoppable force which XctN had no way to deal with. In an intense final game for the series, both teams threw everything at one another, with fights going both ways. Unfortunately for XctN, they left the Alice open once again, while Clover’s Harith ripped through them too.

With that, day 1 of MSC 2021 playoffs comes to a close, with the upper bracket final between Blacklist International and EVOS Legends set for tomorrow after two more teams are eliminated from the event.

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