MILO Marathon Welcomes New Marathon King and Queen

MILO Marathon Welcomes New Marathon King and Queen

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A new pair of champions ruled the 42K centerpiece event of the 2019 National MILO Marathon National Finals this Sunday. National athletes Christine Hallasgo and Jerald Zabala made an astonishing feat to become this year's MILO Marathon Queen and King.

In what seemed to be a repeat of the epic Southeast Asian Games showdown, Hallasgo outclassed six-time MILO Marathon Queen Mary Joy Tabal with the time of 2:52:23, a six-minute lead against Tabal, who was in high spirits when she finished at 2:58:49. Completing the top three cast in the women’s division was Christabel Martes who clocked in at 3:05:40.

You can read more about this momentous event in the press release attached.

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Jerald Zabala outruns the competition and emerges as this year's National MILO Marathon King

Christine Hallasgo at the finish line as the new MILO Marathon Queen