Daiana launches new songs

Daiana launches new songs

Daiana launches new songs

Daiana launches new songs

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Brazilian TV host, singer, and actress Daiana Menezes is excited to launch two new singles and music videos.

“These two new songs of 8ONE are all about good vibes and bringing happiness and joy as you listen,” beams the international endorser, painter, pianist, performer, and designer. 

 For the single “Low,” 8ONE wanted a “DJ feel” so Daiana approached her good friend DJ Luane for a collaboration. 

“The other song, ‘Back to the Crib,’ is a feel-good danceable song that we had so much fun making, from the lyrics written by Tommie King, to recording it,” shares Daiana, who runs the production Ikon worldwide, a lifestyle entertainment company that books and brings international artists here and to other countries. 

“Low was shot at the beach, I won’t give much away because you have to watch it, and Back to the Crib was shot in an upside-down set. We are very excited for everyone to watch it!” adds Daiana.

8ONE members are free-styler rapper and writer KXNG, rapper Tommie King, music producer-singer Ryan Klos, and Daiana. 8ONE hit singles include “Therapy,” “November,” 

“Mango” and “Simon AF.” Their next stop is Vestiville, Belgium before the summer ends.  

“In our group, Tommie does the most writing but everyone collaborates. Ryan Sings his part and writes, too. I intrude or ‘nakikialam’ on their creative mind and make my part suitable for myself,” laughs Daiana. 

8ONE is mixing genres and making their songs suitable for every age group. Because the members are of different nationalities, they hope to unite the listeners as one and end discrimination of what’s cool and what isn’t.