Title Published Date
Orcollo, Muhlach, Obligacion tampok sa 10-ball billiardsfest ngayon Biyernes 30 March 2022
Roel Esquillo to compete in First Maestro Mistica Custom Cues 10 Ball Open Tournament 26 March 2022
Roland Garcia tumabo ng $15,000, runner-up place sa US Pro Billiards Predator Arizona 10-Ball Open 18 January 2022
Malony naghari sa J and P 9-ball 12 December 2021
Manas pasok sa J and P 9 ball q’finals 11 December 2021
Anthony Capco nanguna sa mga pool wizards sa J and P 9-Ball Cup 2021 tournament 01 December 2021
Biado, Garcia, Cagol, Nuquid off to good start in Abu Dhabi Open 9-Ball Championship 10 November 2021
Roland Garcia tutumbok sa Abu Dhabi 9-ball open 04 November 2021
Biado, Garcia, Cagol sasargo sa Abu Dhabi Open 9-Ball Championship 02 October 2021
Predator-Volturi 9-Ball Cup 2020 tournament:Regalario, Bayhon advance to Final 64 09 March 2020
Fallorina barges into Last 64 of Predator-Volturi 9-Ball Cup 2020 tournament 04 March 2020
H young cue artist Bernie Regalario will lead the youth junior invasion in the Predator-Volturi 9-Ball Cup 2020 tournament 28 February 2020
Johann Chua wins Pacquiao Valentines 10-ball Open tilt 10 February 2020
Predator-Volturi 9-Ball Cup 2020 sasargo na 09 February 2020
"Volcano" Alcano to compete in P1 Million Valentines 10-ball Open Championship 16 January 2020
Pacquiao hosting rich Php 1 Million Valentines 10-ball Open billiards 13 January 2020
Cambosa Sr., Domingo, Fallorina off to good start in J & P 10 Ball Cup 2019 09 November 2019
Nominees for the 9th Straight Pool Hall of Fame: Lexington Riverwalk JAX Official Host Hotel 06 November 2019
Septimo pockets Predator-Volturi 10-Ball Cup 2019 title 24 July 2019
Youth Junior Invasion in Predator-Volturi 10-Ball Cup 19 July 2019