Croatian beauty sings in Tagalog

Croatian beauty sings in Tagalog

Croatian beauty sings in Tagalog

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Croatian model, actress, dancer, and singer Marija Debelic enjoyed recording her newest, all-Tagalog song “Dame.”

“I’m not a Filipina and I was not born in the Philippines but I have lived here for five years now and I’m in love with the Philippines! This is my first all-Tagalog song and I’m very proud of it,” says Marija who chose the Philippines to be her second home, over the many places she’s been to like Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, USA, United Arab Emirates, Macau, China, and Thailand.

Marija admits it was not an easy project.

“It was hard to sing all Tagalog lyrics because it’s not my native language. I wanted to make sure I do all the accents and pronunciations right and at the same time hit the notes. It was very challenging but all worth it. I’m verry happy about it,” adds the music lover who released her fist single “Syanel” with Brazilian actress-model Daiana Menezes. She will do an all-Tagalog album soon.

“The song talks about having many options with suitors but like in anything in life, you don’t just want to settle with any kind of material. You want the best which includes quality and integrity and finding what’s right for you,” shares Marija

Marija is thrilled to work with an amazing and supportive team from song writers to masters of sound to recording specialists. Music producer, arranger, rap artist, and song writer Archie Malate, better known in the industry as Franchize, leads Marija’s song writing team, together with lawyer by profession and rap artist by passion Kim David Obejas and Norwegian/Waray Daniel Gerardo Ytterdahl or Denial.

“I really love my team’s work and how they put the vision in my head on paper and made it into incredible lyrics and song with melody,” says Marija. The song was recorded at 12 Stone Studio with the support of studio owner Tommy Tanchangco and line producer Francis Guevarra.

Marija will also shoot the song’s music video but she does not want to spoil it.

“The music video is a secret as of the moment. We are about to shoot it and I’m very excited and I want it to be a surprise for everyone. It will be something different, that’s what I can promise,” says Marija.

Marija invites everyone to enjoy her new single which she says is not limited to age, gender or class.

“It’s for everyone who appreciate good music and wants get down to the good beats,” ends Marija.

Catch Marija via Facebook: Marija Debelic, or be one of her thousands of followers on Instagram:@marijadebelic. She’s also on Spotify: Marija Debelic.