by Robbie Pangilinan
Croatian professional dancer, host and model Marija Debelic can rock three fashion styles that all match her personality.

“One of my styles is classy slick, second is ‘Rihanna stylish’ and third is chill and sporty. I am very simple, I don’t like printed clothes. I like black, white, gray and nude colors,” shares Marija, whose fashion icons are Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and Victoria Beckham.

“I am blessed with a new life!”
By Robbie Pangilinan

Brazilian actress, host, and model Daiana Menezes saw death face-to-face when she was diagnosed with breast cancer triple positive stage 2B last year. It was a dark time, but she emerged unafraid and came out stronger.

Croatian model, actress, dancer, and singer Marija Debelic enjoyed recording her newest, all-Tagalog song “Dame.”

“I’m not a Filipina and I was not born in the Philippines but I have lived here for five years now and I’m in love with the Philippines! This is my first all-Tagalog song and I’m very proud of it,” says Marija who chose the Philippines to be her second home, over the many places she’s been to like Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, USA, United Arab Emirates, Macau, China, and Thailand.

by Robbie Pangilinan

Japanese hot model-actress Maria Ozawa has been in Manila for almost four years already. She says she has found life, livelihood, and love in the Philippines.

by Robbie Pangilinan

Eighteen years ago, he had no idea how to tattoo. Today, he inks celebrities and famous personalities and owns his own tattoo studio.