Basketball is art – Timmons

Basketball is art – Timmons

Basketball is art – Timmons

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By Robbie Pangilinan

LAS VEGAS -“To me, basketball is like art. It takes discipline and focus to create art,” says 26-year-old William Kristopher Timmons of Durham, North Carolina.

The 6’7” tall, 180-pound guard from Shaw University has been playing basketball since he was 2 years old. He started pursuing the game competitively at the age of 5 in Kindergarten. He says the love he has for basketball extends far beyond the joy he gains from playing.

“The lessons I’ve learned from playing have translated well into life. The experiences basketball has brought me have made me a better man and professional on so many levels,” he adds.

After concluding his college career at Shaw University after the 2015-2016 season, Kris signed with his former agent who he feels gave him very little help with the ignition of his professional career. He participated in several Vegas showcases last summer, where he had his most memorable game – a 40-point night he describes as “one of the strongest performances I had ever put together on both ends of the floor.”

“Offensively, I was making shots and completing plays. Defensively, I was able to keep the opposing offensive players outside of their comfort zone. The discipline and focus I held during the game made a huge difference for my team as we were able to attain the win,” he shares.

Timmons recalls when he chose to return to campus to complete his degree and prepare for a relocation to Las Vegas where he could train in a bigger market, in hopes to connect with someone with credibility who will mentor and guide him along his journey to the professional level.

He was able to connect with his current mentor, Bill Walton, who has given him the opportunity to pursue his career as an NBA prospect through connections with personnel within the NBA. However, he went undrafted in the 2017 NBA Draft, but joined Coach Tim Grgurich’s NBA Mini-Camp in Vegas (workout with Dallas Mavericks personnel) and the Sacramento Kings/Reno Bighorns open workout.

“At my size and height I have the ability, work ethic, and character to play at the NBA level. However, I am aware that a player of my capability must also attain a professional resume; something I did not attain throughout my college career,” Timmons says.

Timmons takes training very seriously. His typical training consists of weight lifting 5 to 6 times a week to increase athletic performance. He also works in a private training facility in Vegas where he coaches and trains younger players. He participates in drills with his clients during the sessions and also use the facility for his personal sessions which include hundreds of jumpshots per day, ballhandling and agility work to stay sharp defensively.

Kris tries to take at least one day per week solely as his “Yoga Day” where he goes through a series of stretches and body therapy to improve flexibility and strengthen his core.

“The most important part of my regime is most definitely my diet. I maintain a high carb, high protein diet to restore energy lost during workouts and competition. Lots of pasta and lean meat is what I depend on aside from my protein shakes two times each day. Because of my high metabolism, I make it a goal to consume close to 12,000 calories per day,” he shares.

The passionate player who is compared to NBA greats Richard Hamilton, Reggie Miller, Scottie Pippen, and Kobe Bryant in terms of defense and scoring ability, is eyeing to play for the PBA.

“I feel that the PBA could be the perfect destination for a player of my caliber. I feel that playing in the PBA could be a great way for me to begin my professional career. With the PBA being one of the oldest leagues in the world, it’s rich history could provide an opportunity for me to compete at a high level as a rookie during my first season abroad. - The fan love, the level of competition, and the idea of leading the younger generation from the US to the Philippines is another very motivating factor. I also look forward to really embracing the culture of the Philippines,” he says excitedly.

Kris has been following the PBA for 2 years, while keeping in contact with his good friend Allen Durham and monitoring his success from a distance.

For Kris, character makes the best players. He believes his strongest attributes are his character traits and personality.

“Being a great teammate and leader requires both attributes in order for a team to be successful. My strengths on the court include my ability to defend, score from multiple places on the floor, high basketball IQ, and lead the team in positive energy. I always have felt like the players on the bench have just as much impact on the game as the players on the court,” he continues.

The PBA would surely be a greater league with Kris Timmons in it.