The State of the Race: The Liberal Perspective

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The State of the Race: The Liberal Perspective

NEW YORK CITY -- Transcript by the New York Foreign Press Center (NYFPC) interaction between yours truly and Jefrey Pollock, founding partner and president of Global Strategy Group, during the NYFPC  briefing on "The State of the Race--The Liberal Perspective" at The Westin New York Grand Central, November 7.

ALEX P. VIDAL of the Philippines: Mr. Trump has bashed the media not only once, not only twice --

MR POLLOCK:  Say that again.  He has passed?

VIDAL:  Mr. Trump has bashed the media not only once, not only twice, but several times in his speeches.

MR POLLOCK:  Oh, yes.

VIDAL:  Yes.  And since these polls have been reported in mass media, and technically they have become part and parcel of media -- 


VIDAL:  -- so how do we convince the doubting Thomases, especially the pro-Trump supporters, that these polls that tilt in favor of Hillary Clinton, are credible?

MR POLLOCK:  Well, if Hillary wins tomorrow and then maybe they’re convinced until Donald Trump says it’s all rigged and contests the election.  I don’t have a great answer for you.  There’s no question that Donald Trump has taken media bashing to a new level, a disheartening level, in this cycle.  There are pictures of folks at their – folks at a Trump rally from today or yesterday wearing terrible t-shirts that sort of talk about taking it to the media, and I mean literally taking them out and hanging them on a tree kind of a thing.  

And so that’s part of the thing that is so depressing about this election cycle is the base level of conversation that we have had to have.  But I don’t think that – it’s not – it’s not anyone’s job to convince the voters that the polls are wrong or right.  

We’re going to see on Election Day and there’s going to be a lot of conversations about what those polls said and whether they were right or wrong.