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Sportsmanila’s new look, a leading website in the Philippines, was given a new and fresh look by Qtech...

Sportsmanila’s new look, a leading website in the Philippines, was given a new and fresh look by Qtech Business Solutions Inc., a major partner of the franchise.

It only took seven days for Qtech web developer Mic Rivarez to design the new look for and Now, visitors of the sites can also share featured stories in their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. The sites can also be accessed easily through mobile via their Facebook pages for sportsmanila magazine,, scoopmanila and etonline manila.

“I congratulate Qtech President Giovanni Juntereal and Mic Rivarez for the job well done,” says founder Robbie Pangilinan.

QtechQtech Business Solutions Inc. has been sportsmanila’s partner for the past eight years. Qtech Business Solutions Inc. was established by a group of IT practitioners from database and network administrators to software engineers and IT Educators. It is an IT solutions provider which offers products and services that caters to all aspects of Information Technology from the smallest to the largest enterprises in the Philippines, the Pacific Rim, the US, and recently, Germany. Qtech is currently the only IT solutions provider located in the progressive city of Lucena. The company is composed of IT professionals based in the region with over 30 years of solid experience in systems development, database administration, server maintenance, mainframe operation and network administration.

“The company’s business partnership with IT solutions provider in Munich, Germany and in the Pacific, will surely strengthen the technical workforce of the company,” said Juntereal.

Sportsmanila will also launch partnerships in Canada, Minnesota, and Los Angeles. After Pangilinan’s trips to the USA and Canada this year, many clients expressed interest to be part of the growing company.

“We don’t compete with any websites, our main objective is to spread fresh news and give jobs to potential journalists and photographers,” said Pangilinan.