What makes Michael Weatherly perfect as Dr. Bull

What makes Michael Weatherly perfect as Dr. Bull

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Brash, but brilliant, courtroom psychologist Dr. Jason Bull may dazzle the audience with his wit and insight on human behavior, but the protagonist of legal drama Bull could’ve turned out differently if it weren’t for the talented and charming Michael Weatherly.

Former senior field agent Tony DiNozzo of police procedural series NCIS, Weatherly—as Dr. Bull—now heads a team of “trial science” experts with specialties from neurolinguistics to fashion, to help the falsely accused win the jury’s favor. But apart from his previous acting stint in crime investigation, there’s so much more to the man that makes him the perfect match for the role of trial consultant.

Everybody loves a funny guy, and Weatherly is a natural when it comes to bringing lighthearted humor to an otherwise serious scenario. Sure he makes Dr. Bull come off as cocky with a few snarky remarks, but that just adds suave to the character.

It must be those cheekbones, or that neatly combed hair. Whatever it is, he definitely looks like the handsome analytical type with a sharp suit on and thick-rimmed glasses.

Despite his seemingly harmless appearance, Weatherly claims that he can be very edgy. Messing with the jury—as Dr. Bull, of course—could be quite a risk if it means getting booted out of the court by an angry judge like in the episode “Name Game.”=

Reading biographies as a hobby is a telltale sign of having an innate curiosity for other people’s personal lives. Could that also make Weatherly a natural when it comes to reading and analyzing people in one look?

Albert Einstein once said that the best scientists are also artists. While Weatherly in the show applies science to scrutinize the human mind, the actor does happen to play the piano and guitar in real life—musical skills he couldn’t help but weave into his character with a shovel guitar towards the end of the episode “Light My Fire.”

Can’t get enough of Michael Weatherly? Catch the premiere of Bull Season 2 on Sept. 27, 9 p.m. same day as the U.S., first and exclusive on RTL CBS Entertainment.

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