Swimming in stardom

Swimming in stardom

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By Robbie Pangilinan

Swimming and acting. Two of her favorite activities, which she both does with great passion.

Isabel “Lenlen” Frial is a gold medalist in swimming, and a movie, TV and theater child actress, host, commercial model, and singer.

Lenlen is known for her role in the movies “Ang Panday 2,” “English Only, Please,” “Ang Huling ChaCha ni Anita,” “Status It's Complicated,” “Kimmy Dora,” “Da Possessed,” and “Maria Labo.”

Lenlen also hosts the TV show “Tropang Potchi” of GMA for four years now. She has starred in the TV shows “Bantatay,” “Dwarfina,” “Unforgettable Futbolilits,” “Paroa,” “Legacy,” “Alice Bungisngis,” and “Bukod Kang Pinagpala.”

At her young age, Lenlen has already received three acting award nominations – two from the Metro Manila Film Festival (Best Child Performer for English Only, Please and Ang Panday 2) and a Star Awards for Movies nomination as Movie Child Performer of the Year for Ang Huling ChaCha ni Anita.

Lenlen’s favorite role is the one she did for Ang Huling Chacha ni Anita as she had so much fun during the shooting of the film and many people admired her acting.

Isabel’s face is familiar as she takes on the lead in TV commercials. She also acts on the theater stage.

The 11-year-old animal lover enjoys extreme sports, water sports, football, and badminton – but acting is her topmost interest.

But it was not always a bed of roses for young Lenlen, who learned early on that showbusiness is also difficult and entailed hard work and perseverance.

“The assistant director in my first show was very strict to everyone. I was new and I was just five years old then. I was very afraid to make a mistake,” Lenlen recalls. But she never let this experience get in the way of her dreams. Instead of being discouraged, Lenlen said she made sure to always prepare and become better every day.

Her lucky charm is her family, who has been very supportive of her career.

“My family guides me, is always there for me, and taught me good things in life,” says Lenlen who enjoys bonding and eating with her family.

Lenlen dreams of becoming a medical doctor someday, that is why she also gives her best in her studies.

But for now, the child actress has her hands full promoting her upcoming movie “Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo” to be shown this September.

For those who admire her, Lenlen has this message: “Thank you so much. I promise to be a better person to become a good model to everybody. I will always appreciate and love you.”

Get in touch with Lenlen through her mom Golda Frial at 09062833613 and 09198470814. Catch her on Instagram @isabelfrial05.

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