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“War does not determine who is right–only who is left.”


By Alex P. Vidal

WHILE the world is agog over the coronavirus or COVID-19 and the media is full of sad and depressing stories about the mayhem caused by the pandemic, let me share an impressive poem written by Wilfred Owen, the greatest writer of war poetry in the English language.


A man was sentenced to death Monday over a stabbing rampage in 2016 at a care home near Tokyo for people with mental disabilities that left 19 residents dead and 26 others injured.

Satoshi Uematsu, a 30-year-old former employee of the care facility in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, had admitted to the killings in hearings during his lay judge trial at the Yokohama District Court. He insisted that people with disabilities who are unable to communicate well do not have human rights.

It's a crazy world they say. And the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak has not spared politicians and celebrities around the world.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been in self-imposed quarantine after his wife tested positive since Thursday, and questions arise over whether US President Donald Trump should be tested after meeting a Brazilian official infected with Covid-19.