‘Born to be Wild’ in Calaguas

‘Born to be Wild’ in Calaguas

Doc Ferds and Doc Nielsen are in Cebu and Bicol today in Born to be Wild.

Cebu’s Olango Island is famous for the thousands of migrating birds that visit the area when winter hits other parts of the world.  But Doc Ferds documents another important creature that helps the island become more attractive to birds: the fiddler crab.  

When it’s low tide, these little creatures start their work.  Fiddler crabs feed on decaying matter on the sand, which then encourages nutrients to fill the soil.  Using macro lenses, the Born to be Wild team documents the interesting behavior of these tiny fiddlers, and catches the curious method in which male fiddlers court the females—by waving their claws.

Meanwhile, in Bicol’s famed Calaguas Island, Doc Nielsen goes underwater to see the beauty of marine life. But their dive was disturbed by trembling sounds under the sea.  The underwater videographer describes it as a deafening sound of a bomb.  After the dive, municipal authorities attempt to catch those using dynamites for fishing.

Don’t miss this week’s episode of Born to be Wild, Sunday morning after AHA! on GMA 7.


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