4 reminders from mothers

4 reminders from mothers

They say mothers know best. But perhaps the more accurate phrase is, “Mothers only want the best for their children.”

They want them to be able to navigate through the ups and downs of life happily and healthily, hence they enforce wellness routines and habits that seem annoying at first, but actually have benefits in the long run.

Lamoiyan Corporation’s Licealiz got the chance to interact with some people who cherish the reminders their moms gave them when they were younger, and still carry those habits to this day.

Eating healthy

It’s a struggle to get kids to eat their vegetables, even though it’s good for them. College student Missy (not her real name), grew up with a lot of vegetables in her diet. “Sometimes they tasted a little bland,” she recounted, “but I can hardly tell, growing up eating them. It was never a bother. Her meals are wonderful and irreplaceable.”

For one working girl who wishes to remain anonymous, this routine of eating healthy food made her aware of its many benefits. “When I was younger, I was rarely sick and had no digestive problems,” she shared.

Drinking a lot of water

Aside from eating greens, moms always remind their children to drink at least eight to 10 glasses of water each day. A habit that Lisa Navidad, who is now a mother herself, picked up from her own mom.

“It’s hard to get my kids to drink water now because they prefer soft drinks or juice, which I can understand because I’ve been there,” she admitted. Still, she stressed the importance of staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Playing sports and exercising

Keeping active through sports and exercise was a routine that was very beneficial to LJ Dominguez, a former student athlete. Which was why he didn’t mind doing it. “I grew taller,” he shared “[Now] I do it on my own. It became a habit.”

Mikhaila Ilano, a freelance artist, shares this sentiment. “It helps me become comfortable with physical activity,” she said. She also shared that it was a habit that promotes good discipline. “Even though she [my mom] did not have time to care for me, she tried her best to raise me with discipline,” added Ilano.

Maintaining proper hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene is always a good habit to have. The mother of Anne Jordan, a college student, encouraged her to diligently and routinely brush her teeth. While she admits that she was annoyed about it at first, she agreed that it paid off well as she grew older. “I now have a healthy set of teeth [and] I don’t have any dental complications,” she said proudly.

The mom of an anonymous high school student makes her and her sister wash their hair with head lice shampoo. “They were kind of tedious to do, but whenever my mom would take the time to patiently brush the nits in my hair, I realized I couldn’t complain.” She realized that eventually she will have to keep track of her own health, so she is grateful that her mom is still there to give her reminders.

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