Nail Avenue: Not Just for Nails

Nail Avenue: Not Just for Nails

by Robbie Pangilinan

Newly-opened Nail Avenue in Quezon City boasts of being a one-stop place for total wellness from head to foot.

“Nail Avenue is a haven for men and women who not only wish to de-stress and relax, but also for those who hate the hassle of hopping from one spa to another salon, because we also offer a complete set of hair services. Our clients are guaranteed to step out feeling rejuvenated and beautiful!” says owner Mary Cristy Roque.

Coming into the salon, clients immediately get a soothing and relaxing feel because of the ambience. While other spas and salons offer their clients coffee and tea, Nail Avenue adds a choice of red wine for its clients’ utmost relaxation. The staff is well-trained in giving clients the ultimate satisfaction with the services, comfort, and queen/king-like service and accommodation. Further, Nail Avenue’s JETSPA chair is truly state-of-the-art.

“Our Jetspa gives the otherwise ordinary foot-spa service the extra boost, since it gives one’s feet the total luxurious feel or pampered feel after one is done with its service,” adds co-owner Joji Lim.

Nail Avenue also boasts of a wide array of colors and types of all-imported nail polish at a rate that is quite competitive – even lower compared to other salons.

Cristy says that it is a must to keep hands and feet well-taken cared of and beautiful because one of the first things people look at when they first meet a person are the hands and feet. She has always taken an interest in having her nails extended and done to keep them pretty and having hands that are nice to hold. 

“I’ve always been a frequent spa goer for the services on a bi-monthly basis for my beauty and wellness.  Hence, putting up a spa/salon is a good move, since I will be handling a business that I truly love and understand; this would help me manage it best,” she shares.

Joji says that the secret to success is faith in God, the will to succeed, faith in oneself, positive attitude and hard work.

Cristy and Joji are looking at having Nail Avenue franchised and at the same time further stabilize its existing signature procedures and services.

For everyone who wants the best nail and hair service, visit Nail Avenue at the 2nd Floor, Asian United Bank Bldg., Mayon St., Quezon City. Call 0917-5061140 for appointments. #


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