• Chicago Has Best 3-PT Performance of the Season in 117-99 Victory Over LeBron-less Cleveland

    Jimmy Butler had a triple double and Dwyane Wade was a stolen-rebound-by-Felicio away from his own as well.

  • Chicago Takes an 11th Straight Dinosaur-Sized Dump on Tortrashto in a 105-94 Victory

    Jimmy Butler returned to the court and promptly put on an offensive showcase, even without a working jumper.

    It happened again. Somehow, some way, it happened yet again.

    No Dwyane Wade, no Nikola Mirotic, no Paul Zipser, no problem! The Chicago Bulls returned to the United Center from their Western Conference road trip this evening and managed to pull off their eleventh straight victory over the Tortrashto Trashtors in a 105-94 victory.

  • Chicago Wins 20th Home Game in a Row on Thursday Night TNT with 99-93 Victory over Cleveland

    The win for the Bulls also represents a 2016-17 regular season sweep of the Cavaliers.

    In a world plagued by uncertainty and risk, these are the three things you can always count on to make their presence felt. Logic and reason be damned, the Chicago Bulls are not going to lose to any basketball team on a Thursday Night Turner Network Television game at home, and that narrative will remain cemented for at least another seven or eight months after this evening.

  • Chris Bosh's illness was ruled career ending, but he can still make a comeback

    The latest medical news regarding Bosh isn’t good for his comeback hopes, but it doesn’t completely rule them out, either.

    Chris Bosh has not retired. Instead, a joint medical review by the NBA and the players’ union has ruled that Bosh’s illness that caused him to miss the entirety of the 2016-17 season was a career-ending one, according to the Miami Sun Sentinel. For Bosh himself, he still hasn’t ruled out a return to the league.

  • Chris Paul & Blake Griffin to opt out and become free agents, as expected

    Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin has decided to opt out of his contract with the team to explore free agency, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. Just minutes apart, Chris Paul also declined his player option and will become a free agent as well.

  • Chris Paul could leave the Clippers in free agency, but here's why he won't

    Chris Paul may meet with other teams, but that doesn’t mean he’ll turn down more money from the Clippers.

    Chris Paul will be one of the more coveted free agents on the market this offseason and will have his fair share of suitors. And according to reports from the LA Times, Paul is interested.

  • Chris Paul Makes History As Clippers Win Ralph Lawler’s 3000th Game, 133-105

    The Pelicans just didn’t have enough firepower on the court.

    In a game where the Clippers were rested and hosting one of the league’s worst teams, and the Pelicans were playing without both Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday, there isn’t much that the home team could do to exceed expectations.

  • Chris Paul Makes History As Clippers Win Ralph Lawler’s 3000th Game, 133-105

    The Pelicans just didn’t have enough firepower on the court.

    In a game where the Clippers were rested and hosting one of the league’s worst teams, and the Pelicans were playing without both Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday, there isn’t much that the home team could do to exceed expectations.

  • CJ McCollum Slays the Nowitzki Dragon with Fourth Quarter Arrows

    The Portland Trail Blazers tried to find a way to lose to the Dallas Mavericks, but their shooting guard said, “Nay Nay!”

    Of late the performances of the Portland Trail Blazers could be termed “sporadic”. That’s if you like three-syllable words and were being charitable. Otherwise the sub-.500 team would be described as “limp and mediocre, headed towards bad” or, more simply, “disappointing”.

  • Clarkson disappointed he couldn’t join PH5

    Manila—NBA player Jordan Clarkson, who has never played for the Philippines, and the Philippine federation (SBP) said Monday they have been informed that the NBA would not release him for the 2018 Asian Games.

    A Philippines bid to have the Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard play for their Asian Games team has been dashed after the National Basketball Association refused to release him. 

  • Cleveland Cavaliers bounce back, blow out Detroit Pistons 128-96

    It may be remembered as the night the Cavs got their groove back.

    Tonight, two teams came into Quicken Loans Arena in need of a win. The Cavaliers had lost six of their last nine games, and their lead in the Eastern Conference was down to just two games over the Celtics. The Pistons, winners of four of their last five, are locked in a tight playoff race down at the other end of the conference.

  • Cleveland Cavaliers defeat Indiana Pacers 117-111

    The Cavaliers take a 2-0 lead over the Indiana Pacers

    If there’s one thing that’s consistent with the Cleveland Cavaliers, it’s that they have a knack for making things more difficult than they need to be. This was once again the case with their 117-111 win in game two.

  • Cleveland Cavaliers defeat the Los Angeles Lakers 125-120

    The Cavs win in a shoot-out against the Lakers.

    It’s official, the Cavaliers are going back to the playoffs. Not that it was ever in doubt, but with the 125-120 win over the Los Angeles Lakers the Cavs clinched their third straight playoff appearance.

  • Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics Game 4 player grades

    The Cavs win an ugly game to tie up the series.

    It was far from beautiful basketball, but the Cleveland Cavaliers have pulled even in the Eastern Conference Finals. They were able to hold off the Boston Celtics and come away with a 111-102 victory.

  • Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Milwaukee Bucks

    After Kyrie Irving missed a game winning attempt, LeBron took over

    LeBron James played 47 minutes tonight. That’s a lot, and it’d be tough to swallow if the team hadn’t come home with a win. The issue was very much in doubt, but James himself took matters into his own hands with long three pointers sprinkled in throughout the second half and overtime. He got just enough help from Kyrie Irving and company, and the Cavs scored a tough road victory over a decent team without Kevin Love.

  • Clint Capela and Chris Paul dominate Jazz to give Rockets 3-1 lead

    The Point God and the Swiss Roll were too much for Utah.

    The Houston Rockets put on their best defensive showing of the season in Salt Lake City Sunday night, stonewalling the Utah Jazz to take a 3-1 series lead in the conference semifinals.

  • Clint Capela and the Rockets only have two options left in free agency

    The Houston Rockets still haven’t resolved their future with or without Clint Capela. Given that the Rockets have matching rights given Capela’s status as a restricted free agent, playing the long game is neither abnormal or particularly risky. There’s no way Houston can lose Capela to another NBA team this summer without making a conscious decision to let him go. (Capela could pull a Josh Childress and sign overseas, but that’d be incredibly shocking given how much NBA money is on the table.)

  • Clippers 115, Kings 95: The Tank is at Rest

    The turbulent season has come to a close

    Well folks, the 2016-2017 season is officially over and another disappointing campaign is in the books. I’m sure we’ll have many more thoughts about the odd season that we just endured, but tonight the visiting Kings managed to help their lottery position by losing to the Clippers while Los Angeles guaranteed themselves home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

  • Clippers Beat Knicks in Comeback Thriller, 119-115

    In an exciting shootout against the New York Knicks, the L.A. Clippers ended their multiple-game skid.

    If you were looking for an exciting NBA matchup tonight, look no further than the L.A. Clippers versus the New York Knicks. This game had everything: lobs, dunks, wild threes, ties, clutch shots, subplot drama. It even had a Charles Oakley arrest.

  • Clippers beat Lakers 133-109

    Clippers beat Lakers 133-109, Clippers fans collectively shrug.

    The Clippers completed dominated the Lakers at Staples Center Tuesday night. Approximately 16 minutes into the game, the Clippers were already up 25 points and the game was effectively over.