• Warriors win 127-123 over Kings as teams shatter NBA three-point record

    Both teams combined for the three-pointers in league history as Steph Curry’s 42 points overcame Buddy Hield’s 32. #barnburner

    The Golden State Warriors outgunned the Sacramento Kings 127-123 in a game featuring the most combined made three’s in NBA history. Is it just me, or does it seem like every week some random team is breaking a three-point record on our defense? Weird.

  • Warriors win Game 1 overtime thriller, 124-114

    Behind 29 points from Steph Curry, Golden State narrowly took care of business

    Before the NBA Finals began, there was a lot of talk about how boring the series would be. It’s the fourth installment of the Golden State Warriors against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Warriors are too dominant, yada, yada, yada.

  • Was Kyrie Irving’s ‘flat Earth theory’ one big ploy for attention?

    Irving went viral after his flat Earth theory made waves on social media. Maybe it’s what he wanted all along.

    Kyrie Irving famously said he believes the Earth is flat. We know that spurred on a never-ending meme.

  • Washington wins 127-115 in Cleveland

    Seven Wizards players scored in double-figures — led by John Wall with 37 points and Bradley Beal with 27 — as Washington defeated Cleveland, 127-115. Kelly Oubre also chipped in 16 points on 7-8 shooting as the Wizards picked up one of their best road wins of the season to kick off a brutal five-game road swing.

  • Watching and waiting for the next Warriors opponent

    Once again, the Warriors have taken care of business early and swept their opponent into the offseason. And once again, we all now get to sit and watch as two teams duke it out in a grueling battle to see who gets the honor of facing this Warriors juggernaut next.

  • We should have known the Spurs would destroy the Rockets without Kawhi Leonard

    Of course San Antonio rolled to a Game 6 win and sent Houston into their summer vacations despite their struggles.

    The San Antonio Spurs are laughing at you. Yes, you.

    You really doubted them in Game 6. Sure, Kawhi Leonard was out, and the two teams’ last game in this building resulted in a 21-point blowout loss. But you really trusted the Houston Rockets, after what they did last postseason? For San Antonio to end Houston’s season in Game 6 on Thursday in a completely uncompetitive 114-75 shellacking was quite possibly the most Spurs thing that could have happened.

  • Westbrook makes history in NBA - Mr. triple double?

    Job well done Mr. Triple double.

    From Nov. 26 to Dec. 9, Westbrook piled up seven straight triple-doubles, becoming the first player since Michael Jordan in 1989 to do that. Westbrook’s streak was snapped on Dec. 11 when he only recorded six assists.

  • Westbrook outscored the Grizzlies 15-0 in the final 2:35 by himself

    Oklahoma City, Memphis big man Zach Randolph made a layup to put the Grizzlies up 102-99. It seemed like a game that was going to come down to the wire. Then Russell Westbrook turned it into his personal exhibition.

  • Westbrook triple-doubles, traveling violations, and Steven Adams

    Steven Adams is awesome, and the Thunder are back!

    Turns out, putting Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and Paul George on the same team is going to a ton of fun. Who knew? After a slow start, shots started to fall and the Thunder got into a nice second half flow to ultimately beat the Knicks by 21. Russell Westbrook had his 80th career triple double, which is cool I guess. But Steven Adams plays really good defense, and that’s definitely cool.

  • What NBA expansion would look like

    Good morning. We have that and more in Thursday’s NBA newsletter.

    Adam Silver recently called NBA expansion talks "inevitable." So we rolled with that and had a massive SB Nation NBA effort to work out how expansion might work. Our 30 team blogs chose players to protect in an expansion draft, and two front offices -- one at Sonics Rising and one at -- drafted faux expansion teams for Seattle and Hampton Roads, respectively.

  • What Stephen Curry sacrificed, and what he won

    No one gave up more to make room for Kevin Durant. The two-time MVP never bristled, and now he is rewarded.

    OAKLAND — It was early in the game and things weren’t coming easy for the Warriors. The flow was more in the Cavaliers’ favor, the long-range shots weren’t falling, and Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant were on the bench with early foul trouble.

  • What the Seattle Sonics' roster would look like if there was a 2017 expansion draft

    A couple weeks ago Adam Silver mentioned that Seattle would be on the shortlist for inevitable league expansion. Once a franchise is about to begin play in the league one of the first things that is done is an expansion draft. All blogs in the SB Nation basketball world participated in figuring out what eight players their team would ultimately keep and what players they would roll the dice on for being taken in an expansion draft. From that list of players, Taylor and myself picked in a draft against a hypothetical Virginia Beach franchise picked by Kristian Winfield from SB Nation NBA.

  • What Will It Take to Change the "KD Narrative"?

    I freakin love Kevin Freaking Durant, but I'm a Dubs fans.

    And that love for KfD and His Game has made me especially sensitive to all the disdain and internet vitriol hatred (really, is there any other kind?) focused on KD. I get that OKC fans are a lost cause, but at least they have a personal I understand. But the rest of the world outside of Dubnation?

  • Which members of the 2015 NBA Draft class deserve early contract extensions?

    A couple will likely get max deals, but there are a number of other intriguing players who could go either way.

    With proper NBA free agency finished for the summer, we turn to those who entered the league in the first round of 2015 NBA Draft, as most of these players are eligible for rookie scale contract extensions. The deadline to sign these is Oct. 15. These players have all completed three seasons, with one season left on their rookie deals. If they don’t reach extensions by Oct. 15, they’ll be restricted free agents in July 2019.

  • Which Team Will Reign Supreme?

    MANILA, Philippines – Red Bull Reign is inviting the world’s top ballers to put their skills to the test. With several contests taking place all over the world this summer, this unique 3x3 basketball tournament will pit hopefuls against one another in a high-endurance, offensive-driven battle that ends with over 15 countries sending their best to compete at the World Finals in Washington DC, USA. 

  • Why did the Celtics trade the No. 1 pick?

    There are many possible reasons, but we may not know the real one for a long time.

    It’s always impossible to know just what Danny Ainge’s Celtics are thinking.

    Years after trading Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to the Nets for a boatload of future assets, Boston landed one of the grandest prizes of all with the No. 1 pick in a good draft. This is why you trade stars for draft picks: so that you can get future stars on rookie deals. This No. 1 choice would be added to a 53-win team that made the conference finals, as could a max-level free agent.

  • Why Luol Deng and Joakim Noah matter more than you think for the 2019 NBA free agency frenzy

    What the Lakers and Knicks do with their aging veterans could be the difference in a loaded free agency pool next summer.

    Lakers forward Luol Deng and Knicks center Joakim Noah are two different players connected by one tricky set of financial circumstances. Both were handed exorbitant contracts in the summer of 2016, and both haven’t lived up to the salary they seized at the tail end of their careers.

  • Why NBA stars are always changing teams now

    Player empowerment is at an all-time high, but there are other structural incentives causing all this star movement.

    After Kawhi Leonard was traded for DeMar DeRozan last week, a stunning fact made the rounds. Fully half of the players in the 2017 NBA All-Star game had switched teams in just 18 months. These are the best players in the league, and half of them had changed teams via trade or free agency over the course of two trade deadlines and two offseasons.

  • Why the Warriors invested in shooting

    The Warriors already boast three of the greatest shooters of all time. Why did they decide to upgrade their bench shooting with their limited resources?

    Around the league, the Golden State Warriors are perhaps known best for their amazing shooting. Their starting backcourt, dubbed the “Splash Brothers,” features Stephen Curry, probably the best shooter of all time, and Klay Thompson, who is not far behind.

  • Why waiting out Kyrie Irving's trade request won't actually help the Cavaliers

    Comparisons to the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant saga in 2007 miss the mark.

    As Kyrie Irving’s fate continues to linger with training camp approaching ever faster, there is a sense that the Cleveland Cavaliers could just simply bring him back, despite his trade request.