Regis Prograis: Josh Taylor looked like he got jumped in his last fight

Regis Prograis: Josh Taylor looked like he got jumped in his last fight

Regis Prograis: Josh Taylor looked like he got jumped in his last fight

Regis Prograis: Josh Taylor looked like he got jumped in his last fight

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Regis Prograis wasn’t impressed with the performance by Josh Taylor in his last fight against Ivan Baranchyk last May in their semifinal fight in the WBSS tourney. The fight was a tough one for Taylor, as Baranchyk landed a lot of big shots in the 12 round fight.

Prograis says Taylor (15-0, 12 KOs) looked like he got “jumped” by three guys, because his face was badly marked by the heavy-handed IBF light welterweight champion Baranchyk. While Taylor won the fight to advance to the final of the WBSS tourney, he took some punishment along the way. Taylor won the fight by the scores 115-111, 117-109 and 115-111. With the big punching power of Baranchyk, Taylor got hit a lot by some big shots from him.

WBA light welterweight champion Prograis (24-0, 20 KOs) will be fighting IBF champ Taylor on October 26 at the O2 Arena in London, England. Prograis says he’s focused exclusively on Taylor, and not focusing on other fighters like Adrien Broner and Jose Ramirez.

Prograis looking forward to face Jose Ramirez in future

“I think me and [Jose] Ramirez will be one of the biggest fights down the line like after the Taylor fight,” said Prograis to Fighthype. “When Ramirez fought [Maurice] Hooker, he got two belts. It was a unification. I felt like that was supposed to be me, because of what happened between us years before. He’s super nice. I said to him after to him after the fight, ‘I’m going to take those belts,’ and he said, ‘Yeah, man. I know.’ What the f–k are you going to say to someone that is so nice. His personality is so humble, and so soft spoken and quiet.

What can you say about him. It’s like a Manny Pacquiao. What can you say? He can fight his a– off. It’s just like with Ramirez. He’s so quiet. I told him, ‘I’m taking the belts from you,’ and there was no response at all. With him, it’ll definitely be big fight. I feel it’ll be a real big fight down the line. To be honest, I’m not even thinking about Ramirez. To me, I’m not focused on Ramirez. I’m not focused on [Adrien] Broner, and I’m not focused on Mikey [Garcia]. I’m not focused on nobody right now,” said Prograis.

For Prograis to get to a unification fight with WBC/WBO light welterweight champion Jose Ramirez, he’ll need to beat Taylor, 28, next month. That’s not going to be easy, because Taylor’s boxing skills are top notch, and perhaps the best in the division. There’s a good chance that Prograis will lose to Taylor, and once that happens he can forget about Ramirez.

Prograis: Taylor was all “bust up” after Baranchyk fight

“I’m only focused on Josh Taylor, and his Scottish people talking s—t and all that stuff,” said Prograis. “And he looked like he got f—-g jumped,” said Prograis in talking about how Josh Taylor looked after his last fight. “He looked like he fought three people. That’s when he fought Ryan Martin in the fight before the last,” said Prograis in commenting on the rabbit punch Taylor hit Martin with.

“In his last fight, he fought [Ivan] Baranchyk, and it went 12 rounds. It was a good fight, but he was all f—-ed up. His face was all bust up,” said Prograis about Taylor after his fight with Baranchyk. “Look at my face after I fight. I look just like I look now. I don’t know if I have tough skin, but I just think I don’t get hit,” said Prograis.

Prograis hasn’t taken the same kind of punishment in his fights that Taylor did against Baranchyk and Viktor Postol. He hasn’t fought anyone with the same kind of talent that Taylor has fought. Prograis’ toughest fights have come against Terry Flanagan, Kiryl Relikh, Juan Jose Velasco and Amos Cowart. In Prograis’ fights against Velasco, Cowart and Flanagan, he took some big shots, but was still able to win.