Arum on Porter really wanting the Crawford fight

Arum on Porter really wanting the Crawford fight

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“Shawn’s father, Kenny, came to see us. He’s a lovely man and highly intelligent, and we’ve had preliminary discussions and let’s see if it can happen. And there’s also Manny Pacquiao who has said that he wants to fight Terence Crawford. Let’s see if that can happen. But as far as Crawford is concerned, he’s in a good position.”

“There’s no argument, I’m a big Shawn Porter fan. He’s a lovely kid, and he’s a very brave warrior, he’s a great athlete. He was a big football player in his youth, so I think he’s terrific. And nobody, nobody in the welterweight division who goes in with Shawn Porter gets an easy fight.

Terence Crawford next fight, Manny Pacquiao, Shawn Porter both in the mix according to Bob Arum

“I would hope to do (Crawford’s next fight) in late spring so that I could count on at least some spectators. I can’t keep doing these fights with no spectators. ... I talked with the governor of Nevada, he thinks we’re gonna be opening up slowly in May, beginning of May, certainly by June. You know, maybe we can do an Allegiance Stadium or T-Mobile or MGM Grand, 60-70%.”